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Come see The Economic Ninja LIVE and in-person at The Speak Freely Event in Dallas-Fort Worth (sponsored by Miles Franklin).

This event will be packed with actionable information, interactive Q & A, and entertainment throughout the day.

Topics include

  • What I Can’t Say On YouTube
  • Should You Buy Physical Gold and Silver?
  • What Does (Hyper)inflation Look Like in the U.S.?
  • What Does Mainstream Not Know About Crypto?
  • How Does Evergrande Affect You?

Speakers include


Economic Ninja


Heresy Financial


Nobody Special Finance


Bill Holter

Also speaking are:

  • Andy Schectman
  • Craig Hemke
  • The Analyst

Training will include

  • How to invest in an inflationary environment

Answers will include

  • The Pros’ investment portfolio for 2022
  • Top 5 coins / tokens for any crypto portfolio


This event will be highly interactive and everyone will have an opportunity to have their questions answered by our panel of successful and knowledgeable entrepreneurs and investors.

People of all ages will enjoy our entertaining and educational full-day event.

Food and drinks are not included but there will be an hour lunch + breaks throughout the Saturday event.

What to Expect

There are two days of activity.

VIP ticket holders will get to attend a dinner + drinks gathering on Friday where they can dine and meet with all of the speakers.  They will also join us to hang out for fun and games after dinner.

VIP tickets are SOLD OUT.

Friday starts at 6 pm and officially lasts until 10 pm, but will likely continue on.

Saturday’s event will feature speakers including The Economic Ninja and Heresy Financial talk about many different subjects including the current social climate, inflation, Evergrande, investing, crypto, and silver and gold.

Buy Your Tickets Here:

Ticket sales are closing VERY soon and will not open back up.

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