Hey! I’m The
Economic NInja!

Just A Guy With A Brohawk & A Dream

Daily Content Giving You The Truth About Real Estate, Finance & Global Events

Hey, I’m The
Economic NInja

Just A Guy With A Brohawk & A Dream

Daily Content Giving You The Truth About Real Estate, Finance & Global Events

I'm all about...


In a world full of lies and propaganda, the truth is often suppressed by hidden agendas, mass media and profit hungry corporations. I aim to cut through that to bring you what is really going on...


I believe in being 100% me and that means no fancy videos, editing or scripts just to appease "the algorithm". Join me Live daily  on YouTube to see what I'm all about.

Financial Freedom

My goal is to help you become financially free so you can live your life on your own terms... For some this is getting out of debt, buying your first house or rental property, or just protecting your wealth for retirement.


This is the key to success in life. Always be a student and always be learning. Join me as I share the insights that have been the catalysts for my success and others when you join one of my courses as a student.

Check out my youtube channel

Entrepreneur since I started selling candy in the 6th grade.  My energy, knowledge and experience is what will make this YouTube channel a wild success. I will strive to be honest and real with my followers with one goal in mind, to help transform others into what they have always wanted to be and to make this life their best life possible. 

Get Educated WIth My premium courses

Helping you get out of debt, buy houses, become financially free and much much more!

Courses include:

  • How To Prepare For The Next Housing Crash So You Can Buy A House At The Best Price...
  • How To Dominate Debt So You Can Free Up Capital To Invest In Assets Like Gold, Silver & Real Estate...
  • Describe the pain point your product solves
  • help your visitor connect with you and your brand

NInja Nation Big Goals

#1 goal-Protect wealth and make digits go up.


My main goal this next year is to position myself and my family to take full advantage of what is coming. We have focused on keeping debt to a minimum and would like to invest in real estate when the time is right!


I expect all the insights and secrets on how to get the mortgage locked down for rental and commercial properties.


My goal is to acquire as many rental properties as possible. I want to secure my family for the future and gain a second income in the process.


I want to get financially prepared to buy a home with some land when the time is right.


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History is Made: Ninja Hits 100,000 Subscribers!

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