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Deflation or Inflation?

In one of his most important videos, Ninja explains The Dollar Whip It Theory where inflation takes hold, followed by deflation, and finally hyperinflation.

So far the economy is right on track with Ninja’s Dollar Whip It Theory chronology.

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Ninja Warns Food Shortage

“We’re going get a very real wake up call in a few weeks.”

Ninja gives insight into the realities of climate problems and supply chain breakdowns and ends with an important conclusion: it’s important to stock up.

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Ninja Calls Lumber Prices

“I know the prices of lumber are going to collapse.”

Ninja explains the psychology and market dynamics behind the price spikes in the lumber and real estate market and correctly calls the lumber price drops (which have already happened).

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Ninja Nails Evergrande

Ninja correctly calls that Evergrande (with $300 billion in debt near default) is a great indicator of a problematic CMBS system, but it is not a Lehman Brothers moment.

However, if the Chinese government or another institution doesn’t step up, Evergrande could be like Bear Sterns where it fractures the economy and triggers other problem areas.

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Ninja Predicts Shortages

With small cracks in the supply chain starting to quietly surface, Ninja tells subscribers to start preparing ahead of time. Ninja reminds viewers that a 90-day store of food is a good position to be in.

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Ninja Calls Top on Home Prices

Right as articles were being written about how home prices had risen to highs not seen since 2004, Ninja reminds viewers that these prices can’t be sustained and the bubble will pop.

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Ninja Explains Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo cancelling credit lines was a big deal. Ninja broke down what it meant and options available including transferring money from accounts to keep existing lines of credit open.

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Ninja Gets Gas Prices Right

“I believe we haven’t seen anything yet in the fuel industry, fuel prices.”

With lumber prices peaking and inflation hammering the markets, Ninja tells subscribers why gas prices will continue to rise.

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Today is the Day

Ninja urges you to start preparing today.

Buy a little more food at the store.

Don’t let your gas tank get as empty.

It never hurts to be prepared and today is the day to take action.

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