Dr. Michael Burry really helped Ninja out in 2005 because Ninja was following him and he was warning everyone that the market was about to collapse – and Burry wasn’t just making noise, he had skin in the game because he was shorting the market.

But, nobody wanted to listen just like many people still aren’t listening today as the stock market and home prices keep going up.

Michael Burry just deleted his Twitter account again but he keeps coming back and dropping gems of knowledge – he really should get a Nobel Peace Prize because he has continually been warning people that the market will collapse. Of course, we don’t know when the market will crash – it could be months or it could be a year or more, but it is coming.

We’re currently going through our Bear Stearns moment with China’s second largest real estate company, Evergrande, defaulting and the contagion effect it will have. The big difference today is that there’s been so much more money pumped into the system and created out of thin air since 2008 and this is why Evergrande will not be a Lehman Brothers moment.

Michael Burry gave a very interesting warning earlier this year, citing Costco’s warning about inflation increasing the cost of oil, nuts, and coffee. And Ninja echoed with a warning to buy coffee because the prices were about to rise in part due to a massive weather event (deep freeze) that happened in Brazil.

So Michael Burry is putting out warnings again and, again, most people aren’t listening but Ninja subscribers are; Ninja subscribers are already in preparation mode for the downturn and opportunities ahead.

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